My practice looks to highlight auditory perceptions of environments. I often utilise sonic based workshops that focus on how we can understand our environments through listening. In these workshops I adapt ‘ear cleaning’ exercises first established by Canadian composer R. Murray Shafer whose work and writings reveal characteristics of soundscapes and how we interact and affect our auditory surroundings. I have developed a methodology for exploring acoustic ecology, which consists of running sonic workshops alongside musicians from various orchestras. This has led to composition and performance that engage and reflect the soundscape of a site. I am currently working as a graduate in residence within the Fine Art department at The Arts University Bournemouth. “All who are accustomed to that particular sound will understand how readily the ear receives it, and how easy it is to distinguish the tread which breaks the branch from every other noise of the forest...” J. Fenimore Cooper


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Bournemouth Lower Gardens, Band Stand. 13th January 18:00-21:00pm

‘A Painting Exhibition’, twenty one artists challenge the historicism associated with the medium of painting, located in Bournemouth Gardens Band…


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