Stephen Chase composes, improvises, and walks quite a lot. Most of his work explores aspects of interaction between people, between action and sound, between sound and space, between space and time. These obsessions are explored through scores, performance, installation, improvisation and walking. He has collaborated variously with Exaudi, Quatuor Bozzini, Philip Thomas, Apartment House, Brevis Choir, Ensemble Zwischentöne, Music We’d Like to Hear, BBC Singers, Mick Beck, Ross Parfitt, edges, Damo Suzuki, murmuration, piggle and Freaking Glamorous Teapot. He organises the occasional series mon se taire truc.

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La Biblioteka, 70 Pinstone St, Sheffield S1 2HP

Mon se taire truc presents… “Quiet, You!”¹ An opera for pencils, an installation for mouths, curious tall tales, footwear obsession….