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Alwynne Pritchard: MONGREL

For the past seven years, Alwynne Pritchard has been commissioning and creating new works as a vocal and physical performer. The result is a collection of short theatrical pieces that she now tours under the title MONGREL – Dogs, Gods, Bitches and Demons.

Originally premiering at the Bergen International Festival in 2015 (as DOG/GOD I) and at Oktoberdans Bergen in 2020 (as DOG/GOD II) the series now includes works by twenty composers – and is continuing to expand. Alwynne has so far presented these pieces in combination with her own works at venues and festivals in Germany, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Norway, the UK and the USA.

Alwynne Pritchard – Bio:

Alwynne Pritchard works with sound, her voice and her body. She is a composer, singer, physical performer and actor, who also plays the violin. She makes theatre, works with text and uses colours and images to inform her thinking.

In 2015, she co-founded the music-theatre company Neither Nor.

Alwynne’s work is sustained by the knowledge that things appearing to be unconnected can always be revealed to have unexpected and intriguing correlations. By weighing up components – parsing, teasing and reconfiguring them – processes can be illuminated and relationships cultivated. Her work engages with the world by traversing states of vulnerability, intimacy, playfulness and humour. By mapping invisible cities, constructing mazes and conjuring up magic squares, she creates landscapes in which these states can thrive. These are domains in which she can play with concepts and experiences of space and time, by exploring forces at work in the body, in the voice, in words, sounds, images and environments. It is here that she can ask questions about how we, as entities on this earth can be alone and how we can be together.

Alwynne was born in Glasgow, grew up in Bristol and now lives in Bergen, Norway.

“Energetic and provocative” – The Wire

“A cross between a rock music diva and a verbal and physical contortionist” – All About Jazz New York

“Embrace the chaos: Alwynne Pritchard is spellbinding” – theartsdesk

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