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University of Greenwich, 10 Stockwell St, Greenwich, London SE10 9BD
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£5 (Concert only), £30 (Full Concert Series), Free (UoG Students), £25 (Weekend Admission to SOUND/IMAGE19), £10 (Saturday Admission SOUND/IMAGE19 incl. Concert)
All ages
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Annette Vande Gorne

[This event will be included in the cost of the SOUND/IMAGE19 Conference ticket which can be booked here: ]

World leading composer Annette Vande Gorne presents a concert of multichannel acousmatic works as part of SOUND/IMAGE19. The artisitic director of the international festival L’espace du son brings her extensive ouvre to London.

Annette Vande Gorne can be heard in concert (more than 500) in many European countries, as well as Canada, China and South America, presenting repertory works of acousmatics in addition to her own works, usually on a 80-loudspeaker acousmonium. Her music focuses on the sounding energies of nature; she uses natural sounds and transforms them in studio to create an abstract, expressive, and non-anecdotal musical language. The relationship between text and music is another subject she often explores. She produced an acousmatic opera “yawar fiesta” which completely renews the genre while creating a link with the past. She studied classical music at the Royal Conservatory of Mons and Brussels, and with Jean Absil (fuga, instrumental composition). She also studied electroacoustic composition with Reibel and Schaeffer at the Paris National Conservatory. She is the artistic director of Brussels’ international acousmatic festival L’espace du son, and of the international competitions Espace du son (spatialization) and Métamorphoses (acousmatic composition). Vande Gorne founded and still leads the non-profit association Musiques & Recherches, and the studio Métamorphose d’Orphée (founded in 1982). She is the publisher of the electronic Lien and of the Electrodoc documentation center She taught electroacoustic composition: Royal Conservatories of Liege, Brussels and Mons where she created a complete electroacoustic department in 2002. Professor emeritus since 2016.

The Loudspeaker Orchestra presents immersive acoustic experiences through programmed concerts of multichannel sound design, sonic art and electroacoustic music. Regular concerts, featuring work by international artists alongside students of Sound Design, take place in and around Greenwich.

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