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The Shoe Factory at St. Mary's Works, St Marys Plain Norwich NR3 1QA
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Arc of the Sky – The Voice Project Choir

Groundbreakingly innovative 130 strong community open access choir The Voice Project premiere film of latest project created digitally during lockdown

Arc of the Sky takes its inspiration from Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh and the landscape it sits in, the Blyth estuary and the nearby coastline. The 130 strong choir planned to present the work,exploring themes of flight, perspective, scale, solitude and connection, in the 15th century ‘Cathedral of the Marshes’, in July

As a result of Covid, plans were quickly adapted to take the rehearsal process online, working with filmmaker Nathan Clarke and art director Sal Pittman to create a lasting record of the piece. The resulting 30-minute film will premiere on 2, 3 and 4 October with 3 screenings each day. Each screening will be introduced by Voice Project Co-Directors Sian Croose and Jonathan Baker with the audience for each limited to 45 people to ensure safety and effective social distancing

Rather than use the film as a substitute for live performance we hope we have embraced the format and created something unique and lasting. I’m personally very excited by it’ said Sian

Renowned for their innovative approach to choral performance The Voice Project’s combination of music, poetry and choreography gives audiences unique, uplifting experiences. Filmmaker Nathan Clarke has filmed footage featuring Jonathan Baker and Sian Croose in and around Holy Trinity Church, making full use of the innate beauty of the building and its surroundings, to create a stunning celebration of the location

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