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Auraldiversities: Abolishionary Listening

Session One: Against Sonic Certitude

Abolitionary Listening: Propositions & Questions Carson Cole Arthur . Dr. Petero Kalulé . AM Kanngieser

Date: Wednesday 18 January 2023 Time: 12pm – 1pm

In this online session we shall read ‘Abolitionary Listening: Propositions & Questions’, a co-authored text that imagines a listening that is not proscriptive and calculative but unconditional and intervallic. Following this reading and refrain, we strain the limits of listening. This is an invitation for us to surrender to which we cannot understand and ‘hear’.

A discography will be made available to lissten to after sign up.


Dr Petero Kalulé is a poet, composer, and lecturer in law (School of Law and Social Sciences) at London South Bank University. Their work attends to issues such as the aesthetics of regulation, Black poetics and law, critical criminology, law and abolition. They are trying to write a book on law, technology, and incalculability.

AM Kanngieser is a geographer and MSCA Senior Research Fellow in GeoHumanities at Royal Holloway, University of London. Their current projects amplify movements for self-determination in relation to ongoing colonisation through resource extraction, environmental racism and ecological disaster in Oceania. They are the author of Experimental Politics and the Making of Worlds (2013), Between Sound and Silence: Listening toward Environmental Relations (forthcoming), and have published in interdisciplinary journals including South Atlantic Quarterly, Progress in Human Geography and Environment and Planning D.

Carson Cole Arthur is a PhD candidate in Criminology. His research interests include state racial violence, inquests, accountability, and testimony. He also writes cultural criticism. His work has been published in the Crime, Media, Culture, Third Text Online, Paletten, and Foam.

Image credit: Carson Cole Arthur. Used with Permission.


AuralDiversities: An interdisciplinary programme addressing the ‘auraldiverse turn’ in Arts and Humanities research and theory, questioning how and what we hear, what we listen to and why, as situated within our contemporary milieu and its associated crises.

These multimodal sessions trouble accepted norms in audio technology, sound culture and Western epistemologies and question the extent of human perception, our relation in and through the vibratory world, and whether hearing and listening is ever an individual act.


This event is curated by Helen Frosi.

AuralDiversities is a collaboration between: John Drever (Goldsmith, University of London), Alice Eldridge (University of Sussex); Helen Frosi (Independent/SoundFjord); Aki Pasoulas (University of Kent).

The programme is supported with funding from: Consortium for the Humanities and Arts South-East England (CHASE) – Cohort Development Fund (CDF)

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