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Auraldiversities: Entanglement, Session 3: James Goodwin and Nisha Ramayya

Session Three: 

Poetry and Poetics Workshop with James Goodwin and Nisha Ramayya

Date: Friday 03 February 2023 Time: 12pm – 1pm

In this poetry and poetics workshop, James and Nisha will offer a sequence of listening and writing prompts to guide participants on a rickety, rackety journey between blackness and crystallisation, world ears and oceanic listening. After listening, writing, and potentially/fancifully vibrating together, we’ll hold an informal Q&A/open discussion to reflect on the audio-visual materials, experiences of writing collectively, and broader literary, social, and philosophical concerns.

Pre-sessional materials will be made available to lissten to after sign up.


James Goodwin is a poet based in Wiltshire. His publications are aspects caught in the headspace we’re in: composition for friends (London: Face Press, 2020), Fleshed Out For All The Corners Of The Slip (London: the87press, 2021), and Faux Ice (forthcoming, London: Materials, 2023).

Nisha Ramayya grew up in Glasgow and now lives in London. Her poetry collection States of the Body Produced by Love (2019) is published by Ignota Books. Recent projects and publications include: poems in Ludd Gang; a collaboration with sonic dramaturg MJ Harding performed at Wysing Polyphonic 2021: Under Ether (reviewed in Tank); a sequence of poems reflecting on Scotland’s colonial histories in CCA Annex; and an essay-poem in response to the work of mathematician Fernando Zalamea for Sonic Art Research Unit. She is currently working on a second poetry collection, tentatively called Now Let’s Take a Listening Walk, and teaching Creative Writing at Queen Mary University of London.

Image credit: Helen Frosi. Used with Permission.


AuralDiversities: An interdisciplinary programme addressing the ‘auraldiverse turn’ in Arts and Humanities research and theory, questioning how and what we hear, what we listen to and why, as situated within our contemporary milieu and its associated crises.

These multimodal sessions trouble accepted norms in audio technology, sound culture and Western epistemologies and question the extent of human perception, our relation in and through the vibratory world, and whether hearing and listening is ever an individual act.


This event is curated by Helen Frosi.

AuralDiversities is a collaboration between: John Drever (Goldsmith, University of London), Alice Eldridge (University of Sussex); Helen Frosi (Independent/SoundFjord); Aki Pasoulas (University of Kent).

The programme is supported with funding from: Consortium for the Humanities and Arts South-East England (CHASE) – Cohort Development Fund (CDF)

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