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Kensington Gardens
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Sasha Elina

CELLAR DOOR series / №1

CELLAR DOOR is a series of music situations, curated by Sasha Elina.

‘Bikes and Harmonicas’, written by the Russian composer Daniil Pilchen, will take place across Kensington Gardens on 29th May between 3pm and 4pm.

The piece will be performed by six cycling musicians: Roxanna Albayati, Stuart Beard, Daniel Ehrlich, Marat Ingeldeev, Alex Nikiporenko and James Oldham.

‘Cellar door’ is widely cited as one of the most beautiful combinations of words in the English language, purely in terms of its sound, regardless of its trivial meaning. The CELLAR DOOR series refers to this mystery, asking us to think of sound perhaps in a similar way. To consider how music situations flicker on the surfaces of ordinary urban and architectural structures, playing with the invisible grid of spaces they may occupy.

Whether site-specific, or site-adjusted, the CELLAR DOOR situations pose the question of how music communicates with its surroundings, how multiple elements of the event coexist in open public environments, and where pedestrians’ and audiences’ paths cross. In the spirit of the accidental and the unnoticed, housing both bold and subtle gestures, the place and site of each CELLAR DOOR is illuminated and transformed.

Event supported by Untitled Foundation (RU).

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