IKLECTIK, 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG
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Tickets: £8 Advance / £10 General Admission |
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Champion Version: EDITION 9/LONDON

IKLECTIK presents,

Edition 9/London

Thursday 5 August 2021 | 7.30pm (doors 7pm)

Tickets: £8 Advance / £10 General Admission |


Derek Piotr
40,000 Against The Arctic
Left Hand Cuts off the Right
Rotten Bliss


Rotten Bliss (Jasmine Pender)
Disturbing dreams and tender imagery haunt the violent, warm & weird visions of London based cellist, vocalist and instrument inventor Jasmine Pender, whose work voyages through noise, drone, folk, blues, and sound collage.

Left Hand Cuts off the Right (Robbie Judkins)
Left Hand Cuts off the Right (Robbie Judkins) is an outlet for exploratory methods and composition. During live performances he plays with bent electronics, acoustic instrumentation, hand percussion, field recordings, loops and effects. The sounds are of otherworldliness, twinkling twitchings, habitual drones, crackling rhythms and oddities directing you, transfixed, through the wonderment.

40,000 Against The Arctic (Matt Pittori)
Blending electronic, fusion, ambient and jazz themes with shimmering snares, frenzied rhythms, effects laden samples and triggers.

Upward (Jack Chuter)
Microtonal drones trapped in the nausea of not quite.

Derek Piotr
Based in New England, USA, Derek Piotr is a composer whose work focuses primarily on the human voice. While his experiments cover an array of genres, everything is grounded in tenderness, fragility, beauty and brutality.

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