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Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
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CODA 2023: Day 2

Sources of Sound

Foyer Bar

Holly Gowland and Jess Delacy

Sources of Sound is a collection of Holly Gowland and Jess Delacy’s electroacoustic pieces, with and without instruments through spatial playback. This will be supported by a collection of research papers, based on sound studies. Listeners are welcome to look out of the windows in the café and create sound source relations between the pieces and their surroundings. There will be a table for the audience to pick up research papers from, find leaflets on electroacoustic groups/organisations and adopt a plant.

Soziales Sperr Wesen

Eastside Jazz Club

Lukas Ohlemacher
Maarten Benshop
Oren Velasquez Hirtenstein
Wilfred Mckenzie

Soziales Sperr Wesen will be presenting a 30 minute set of original material in the style of jazz/metal/fusion. The music is inspired by bands such as MeshuggahCar BombFrank Zappa and Avishai Cohen, and includes comedic and illusive elements both in the title and in the music. The songs have been composed by Lukas Ohlemacher, who will perform them alongside Wilfred Mckenzie, Oren Velasquez Hirtenstein and Maarten Benshop.

RBCA Student Showcase

The Lab

Freddie Dal 
Leanne Baker 
Teddy Otieno 
Tehya Dawson 
Vinícus Motta 
Wiktor Wysocki 

The RBCA Student Showcase is an opportunity for students supported by the RBCA to showcase their creative outputs during the current academic year. Come along to hear a wide range of music with two new premières by Vinicius Motta and Wiktor Wysocki.

Her Revelation

Eastside Jazz Club

Kinna Whitehead 
Peter Bell  
Vato Klemera 

Her Revelation is an ambient feminist electronic trio comprised of lead singer Kinna Whitehead, and synth users Peter Bell and Vato Klemera. Through improvisation, they create soundscape-songs whose lyrics are informed by transient thoughts, often glimpsing traumas and absurdities in the everyday in the process of letting them go.

Her Revelation invite you to join their musical navigation of agitation and catharsis.

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Note: due to Covid-19 this event may not be taking place in the format or venue advertised. Please confirm with the event organiser directly.