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20 Carlisle lane
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£8 adv / £10 otd
All ages
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Corpora Aliena

Corpora Aliena is pleased to present a concert of diverse experimental music based on the them of ‘Silence and Transparency’ – and features leading international and pioneering musicians, composers and film-makers, including Avsluta (Lucie Stepankova, Diogo Evangelista, Sebastiane Hegarty, Bernhard Living, Alexandra Navratil and Pascal Savy.

For her performance, Avsluta (Lucie Stepankova) will be communicating with her personal collection of everyday treasures in an attempt to amplify their otherwise mute existence. and will include recent field recording material captured in (not so) silent spaces.

Sebastiane Hegarty will give a presentation of his ‘Séance for six radios, harp and piano’, a live micro-FM transmission combining, found sound, lost voices, abandoned landscapes and apparitions. Based on field-recordings from covert residencies at The Fog Signal Building, Dungeness and Marconi’s Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station, Cornwall, the performed transmission creates an etheric sonic landscape, haunted by the automatic Morse of ‘air harps’, the aeolian strum of extinct antenna and derelict silence of sound mirrors.

The contribution from Bernhard Living will be a live version of his ‘Composition 2018.01 (Untitled)’, which explores the relationship between pitched tones and un-pitched synthesised noise elements with the digital domain, often blurring the boundaries between the two.

Pascal Savy will present a live electronic piece inspired by the work of French painter Pierre Soulages.

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