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For their first event of 2020, Corpora Aliena is pleased to present a concert of diverse experimental music based on the theme of ‘Digital Voices’ – and will be exploring the relationship between experimental music and the human voice/spoken word. This innovative ‘Digital Voices’ concert features leading international and pioneering composers, musicians and sound artists, including:

Sebastiane Hegarty, who will give a multimedia lecture presentation of his ‘Tapping the air: landscape, ghosts and technology’. Tapping the air is an on-going research project based on a series of covert residencies at Marconi’s Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station (Cornwall), Fog Signal Building (Dungeness) and other sites associated with communication history. Listening in on these ethereal landscapes, each residence concludes with a live micro-FM transmission, broadcasting to an unknown and unknowing audience. In a choreographed apparition of field-recordings, imagery, text and voice, this performed essay discusses the transmissions and their relationship to landscape, tangibility and loss. The ghost voices of the technological aether mentioned in the lecture will set the context for the rest of the compositions and performances that take place within the ‘Digital Voices’ evening;

Bernhard Living will give a live performance of his ‘Composition 2020.11 (Object World)’ – which includes a digital voice program ‘reading’ his original prose/poems against a multi-layered texture of evolving sounds;

‘Unconscious Archives’ is a new work by Lucie Stepankova (aka Avsluta) …

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