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Iklectik, Old Paradise Yard, Carlisle Lane, London, SE1 7LG
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All ages
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Corpora Aliena at Iklectik – Experimental Music Concert 14.07.2018

Corpora Aliena is pleased to present a concert of experimental music based on the theme of ‘Collaboration and Creativity.

Using as a starting point Brian Eno’s concept of ‘scenious’ or collective intelligence, the concert will feature musicians and producers who have developed projects using a collaborative approach. Featured artists include Steph Horak and Liz Helman, who will perform a new collaborative work; Bernhard Living will present his digitally-based composition ‘Violin Stories’, made in collaboration with the Serbian musician Manja Ristić,  with video by the Russian video artist Elvira Zhagun; and the duo Gardner and Salnikov will perform a dark ambient multimedia set using a wide range of devices including circuit bent DIY machines and video projection of contemplative imagery, CGI creatures and landscapes. In addition to the live performances, there will be a screening of ‘Eight Bedtime Stories’ by the Belgian duo Kraken (Joris Vermost and Ricardo Gomez), and guest-curated by the Moscow-based Dasha Birukova. Also included in the concert is the the London-based French musician Lola de la Mata, who will be performing with a mix of voice, violin, live electronics.

The concert is an exciting opportunity to see and hear some of the leading musicians and artists who are working at the cutting-edge, and who are part of today’s experimental music and contemporary arts scene.

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