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Corpora Aliena is pleased to present an IKLECTIK [off-site] online presentation of Eclectic Electronics – and features leading international and pioneering musicians, composers and sound artists, including: Nnja Riot – Jimmie Peggie – Laura Netz – James L .Malone – and Bernhard Living.


Jimmie Peggie
Bernhard Living
Nnja Riot
James L. Malone
Laura Netz

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Jimmie Peggie – Isolation Scenes 2020
A triptych of light, shadows and textures filmed / recorded in the immediate vicinity of my living space during the pandemic of 2020. These random observations help provide connection with the world during time spent alone.

Bernhard Living – Composition 2020.15 (Untitled)
Composition 2020.15 (Untitled) is twenty-five minutes and thirty-seconds in duration – and was produced digitally using FM and physical modelling synthesis. The components of the composition consist of repeating and fading sounds of different lengths – and a pulsing beat that continues throughout the duration of the composition. The composition is part of an ongoing series of technological mediations – exploring quietude and stillness within the context of ever evolving digital technology.
Composition 2020.15 (Untitled) Film is of a car journey through the centre of Moscow.

Nnja Riot – Fragmented Fortress
Nnja Riot will present a musical performance within a self-built virtual dreamscape in outer space. A neon lit isolation fortress with kaleidoscopic inclusions together with a soundscape performed in response to this imagined virtual enigma.

James L. Malone – Performance with Modular Synthesiser
A series of modular synthesiser recordings made during the first lockdown, focused on the generative potential of feedback networks. These have creatively edited and mixed into a piece and synchronised with a visual feedback system.

Laura Netz – Techno Track for Corpora Aliena
Tech noise – open-source/open hardware music

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