RNCM Concert Hall, 124 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD
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£16 (full) £5 (under 26)
All ages
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Joby Burgess

Credo in USA


Eric Whitacre Marimba Quartets
John Cage First Construction in Metal; Credo in Us
Linda Buckley Discordia
Terry Riley In C

Performed by the Joby Burgess Percussion Collective featuring Joby Burgess, Calum Huggan, Julian Poole & Sam Wilson (percussion), Eliza McCarthy (piano), Matt Fairclough (sound design) with Musicians from the RNCM.

This is a happening, not a concert.

Joby Burgess presents a non-stop soundtrack of 20th century classics, arrangements and new work from the East and West Coasts of the US – New York (Cage/Buckley) and California (Whitacre/Riley).

RNCM students join Joby’s Collective for Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece – expect an array of percussion and pianos like you’ve never imagined…

And the music doesn’t stop: in between tonight’s two sets, grab a drink, and step back into the Hall for Linda Buckley’s short DJ set, alongside Steve Reich’s tape piece Come Out.

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