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Difficult Listening’s ‘Aria Cuntata and the Black Holes – CODA Festival

Being a drag queen alone in space is not a piece of cake.

Aria Cuntata and the Black Holes is a 37-minute audio/video performance about an extraordinary journey: a drag queen cruises space alone in her space ship looking for black holes. Her only contact is with Paul, very far away, at ground control. On her lonely space voyage they make music, tell stories about the past, the science of black holes, meeting your boyfriend’s mother for the first time, a hatred of cars and more. Facts, fake facts, music about facts and fake facts, stories about music and space will result in an experience that is as hard to categorise as ‘Aria’s voyage itself… What is that bitch looking for?

Created by Michael Wolters, Paul Norman and Oliver Clark with thanks to Alex Lacey, Alex Taylor and Philip Glass.

Watch here.

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