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‘Etudes’ by Sharon Gal – Launch and artist talk

Join us for the presentation and artist talk to introduce Etudes, a collection of scores and propositions by Sharon Gal.

The event includes a conversation between the artist and Fiona Allison (Sound and Music), with demonstrations and audio-visual contributions from guests musicians and artists, including Steve Beresford, Angharad Davies, Tim Parkinson, Chas de Swiet and others TBC. It will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Tickets are free with limited capacity of 100. Register here –

You will be contacted with a zoom link at least one week before the event.

Etudes by Sharon Gal is a collection of scores and propositions, presented as a deck of 78 cards, with text on one side and colour on the other.

A music, performance and art resource, the work acts as a catalyst to inspire and trigger the imagination. It’s an open score with interchangeable possibilities, to be played alone or with others. Etudes is an invitation to play, engage, contemplate and explore; to enhance and expand one’s experience, thinking, practice and performance.

It can be used as a set of instructions to be combined, or by drawing a single card from the pack. You can choose intuitively from any of the colours, or shuffle the cards to let chance influence the outcome.

Etudes pertains to the oracular and traditions of divination and mysticism: the path of learning, personal growth, awareness and self-knowledge. Its creation was informed by a series of collaborative compositions directed by Sharon Gal over the past 12 years, exploring composition as a shared resource.

The work is situated within art and music practices, using text and graphic scores, improvisation, art and language. It connects to the Tarot, Fluxus performance workbook, Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies, Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit and the Scratch Book by the Scratch Orchestra, with whom Sharon was directly involved.

The deck could be used in many creative situations and disciplines appealing to vocalists, musicians, actors and dancers; professionals, students and novices. It will attract people who are not typical arts and music audience with an interest in card games, experimental play and self development.

The limited edition of 200 was created as part of Sound and Music’s ‘New Voices 2019’ artist development programme and was co-produced with ‘Unpredictable Series’.

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