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eXperimental electronics

eXperimental electronics




Pablo Sanz

Tasos Stamou

Pablo Padilla Jargstorf

Carlos Garate Marquerie


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In collaboration with SpainNOW!


Spain NOW! is an annual season showcasing the latest creative talent coming out of Spain. It takes place all around London and strives to break traditional geographical barriers in as much as cultural consumption in the capital is concerned. With an all-inclusive ethos, Spain NOW! looks at the whole gamut of artistic disciplines and, through a rigorous selection process, presents to London audiences a comprehensive number of exhibitions, events and performances reflecting the artistic output of the Spanish art scene/world of that year. 

Curated by Laura Plana Gracia – elektronische-art-and-music

agency run by lauraplanagracia curating – management – promotion – production – publication – distribution – record label – research – development – investment . BA History of Art, UB 2006. MA Curating Media Art, MECAD 2007. Study/work program MAH Media Art Histories, 2010. Curating Art after New Media, 2015. PhD Curating Sound Art. Transdisciplinary in Sonic Studies. 


 Date: 7th September 2016

Time: 8pm

Place: Café Oto

Adress: 18-22 Ashwin Street, E8 3DL London, United Kingdom



Line-up and Artists Biographies:


Pablo Sanz – Immersive Sonic-Spatial Live Performance.

Pablo Sanz is an artist, composer and sound recordist currently based in the UK. He makes site-specific projects, multichannel installations, immersive live performances, headphone pieces and publications. His activities are engaged with the exploration of aesthetic and spatial aspects of sonic perception, working primarily with environmental sound as raw material, extended listening technologies, architectural physical space and spatial audio strategies.


Tasos Stamou – noise improvTasos Stamou is an electroacoustic music composer, an improvised music performer, an alternative music technologist and tutor, currently based in London. During a decade he has been exploring and utilizing several different mediums of original sonic creation, into various recordings and performances; arrangements with self-modified electronics (circuit bending) and found objects, electronic music gear (modular synths & software), acoustic instruments (prepared zither, reeds, whistles, vocals, etc) and video synthesizers. Mostly as a free improvised multi-instrumentalist performer Stamou has presented live sets in solo projects and collaborations with other experimentalists and improvisers (London Improvisers Orchestra, Adam Bohman, Steve Beresford, Mike Cooper, Andrea Parkins, Kuupuu & Lau Nau, Terry Day, Adachi Tomomi, Ilan Manouach, Ignaz Schick, Magda Mayas, Arma Agharta, etc.) around venues and festivals for innovative music. Since 2008 he runs “Kukuruku Recordings”, an independent label for ephemeral exploratory sound works. He is currently leading workshop series for circuit bending & hardware hacking for experimental sound production. 


Pablo Padilla Jargstorf – Live Computer Music.Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf, born in Madrid in1975, is an architect and an artist. After starting his formal music education at a very young age, with piano as his primary instrument, towards the end of the 1990s he began to experiment with sound art and composition, while completing his architecture studies. From the outset, he has specialized in the field of sensory distortion, creating new environments in pre-existing places by disfiguring them. His relationship with architecture has led him to work on site-specific installations. There he explores the spatial side of sound, and its interaction with visual and tactile feedback, creating a whole sensual scene.


Carlos Garate Marquerie – Earth Signal.

Carlos Gárate Marquerie (Madrid,1989) is a sound artist that lives and works in London. His B.A in Sound Arts was received from London College of Communication. Carlos researches, both theoretically and in his artistic practice, the agency of Earth’s materiality and energies on social systems. He works primarily with electromagnetic waves and subterranean vibrations to build his music performances and sound installations.



Contact Promoter: Laura P. + 44(0)7505922748 

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