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JdP Music Building, St. Hilda's College, Oxford
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EXPO 4: Growth

?EXPO returns for a fourth event in the series, celebrating all things that grow, including us, as we grow into our second year on this green Earth. Join us for another free evening of experimental art and sound, featuring a variety of performers and artists. Free refreshments, as usual.

?Wyn Shaw | Live Coding Set
Live-coding experimentalist and DJ Wyn Shaw improvises lines of code to produce noisy, high speed beat loops and glitched samples.

?Beth Shearsby | [ CAUSTIC || AMBIENCE || NOISE || INTERPLAY ]
Experimental artist based in Oxford. Exploring sound using synthesisers, tape loops, D.I.Y circuits and other materials.

?Nicholas Moroz | Intralatent
Performed by GBSR Duo. Piano-percussion duo George Barton and Siwan Rhys attempt to bridge our many musical disconnects, performing anywhere across the spectrum of classical festivals to club nights. Emerging with a repertoire that has included Stockhausen and the long-form music of Morton Feldman, at EXPO 4 they will present a new work by composer Nicholas Moroz that investigates the possibilities of human and non-human agency in relation to live electronics and instrumental music. Intralatent is supported by PRS Foundation’s Open Fund, the Hinrichsen Foundation, and Arts Council England’s National Lottery Project Grants.

?Max Epstein | Resident DJ
Spinning the latest and baitest from across the electronic spectrum.

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