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Father Murphy, Muscle and Marrow, Tolerance Manoeuvre

A special event from London promoters Chaos Theory, featuring two projects from dark experimental label The Flenser, from the USA and Italy. This will be a stimulating experience.



Father Murphy


After captivating us with their EP ‘Pain is on our side now’ and terrifying us all at the launch of their phenomenal and stimulating album ‘Croce’ last year, the hairs are already standing up on the backs of our necks in anticipation of working with the Stephen O’Malley, Jarboe and Michael Gira-endorsed visionaries once more.


One of the most mysterious and enigmatic musical entities to come out of Italy in recent years, Father Murphy are known for their collection of dark psychedelic/industrial cabaret, written as a response to living in a deeply Catholic environment.


Merging shadowy, muddy and murky atmospheres with unexpected blurts of impossibly catchy noise pop, their sound is both textural and nuanced but also noisy and chaotic.


“Real ‘darkness’ without succumbing, as is so commonly the case, to indecipherability, harshness and volume to get there.” – The Quietus


“One of the best entities of the dark and psychedelic music world.” – Echoes And Dust



Muscle and Marrow


The duo from Portland, Oregon write music that is intense and vaporous. Formed in 2013 by Kira Clark (voice, guitar) and Keith McGraw (drums, sounds), Muscle and Marrow quickly discovered their distinctive sound. Taking inspiration from visual and feminist art, as well as contemporary poetry and literature, Muscle and Marrow is an entity that is as thoughtful as it is fervent and as experimental as it is immediate.


In April 2016 they released their new album ‘Love’ on The Flenser Records. Lyrically, ‘Love’ is powerful than their previous release, with elements of joy, strength and anger present.


During the album’s writing process, Clark lost a family member and much of the lyrical content focuses on loss, but also on love in general. How to love better, more and at all, and what happens when someone else loves you—the trap of that love but also the freedom it affords. Additionally, Love touches on feminism and female archetypes, a topic that Kira Clark is very interested in. These new songs are just as beautiful and complex as those on the band’s debut, but on Love, Muscle and Marrow push their craft further, bringing them to the frontier of avant-garde dark music.


“An emotionally complex experience which offers no easy answers.” – The Sludgelord



Tolerance Manoeuvre


Having heard murmurings about this band for some time, we stood up and paid attention when they performed a brilliant live set on deXter Bentley’s Hello Goodbye Show on Resonance FM.


With a unique combination of guitar, cello, trumpet and vocals, Tolerance Manoeuvre furrow a particularly British seam of post-rock previously mapped by the likes of Talk Talk and Bark Psychosis, but with their own, highly-personalised take.


Managing to fuse stark yet luscious melody with ornate orchestration, the trio meticulously unfold and reconfigure space and structure to create a beguiling tapestry that is simultaneously dense and delicate.


A mainstay on the London underground music scene since 2011, Tolerance Manoeuvre have played at venues as diverse as The Hundred Years Gallery, the Servant Jazz Quarters and the Macbeth, have appeared on MTV Greece, have shared the stage with acts such as The Wytches, Seward, Cara Sebastian, O-Arc and Fear Of The Forest, and have a vinyl LP available at all good record shops courtesy of Flashback Records.


“A work of beguiling beauty” – Andrew Weatherall, NTS Radio


“A latter-day Radiohead distilled to a more acoustic essence.” – Record Collector Magazine




£10 advance


£13 on the door

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