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All Saints Centre, Hackbridge
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Fl-utter-ances (Jane Pitt) | Confluence: The River Speaks

Along The Wandle Trail, in places such as Wilderness Island, are lush sites of flora and fauna. Artist Jane Pitt, will lead a walking field-recording session that will bring participants into contact with birds and other creatures that live and breed along the river predominantly through focused listening, vocalisations, and through writing about what is seen and heard in the undergrowth and along the river’s banks.

Fl-utter-ances is an ongoing body of work created by Jane Pitt since 2009. Working with the public in various settings and environments Jane devises and co-devises phonetic interpretations of the immediate ephemeral soundscape that are then vocalised and recorded in-situ by Jane and the participants.

This workshop will feature the bird sounds of the River Wandle. Jane will lead participants on a circular listening walk, tuning in to the different calls and songs of the local birds, making occasional stops to create personal vocal versions of the bird sounds heard. The sonic stroll will end with a recording session to capture everybody’s Fl-utter-ance.

Free to attend: booking essential via: helenfrosi[at]

PLEASE NOTE: Participants should bring their own recording devices where possible and should have an understanding of how it works. Let us know if you do not have a recording device but would like to participate. Participants should wear sturdy shoes and dress for the weather, which may be wet and cold.

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