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Fortissimo Records Annual Summer Party

Bilge Pump
Highly inventive, groove laden, loud music with incredible musicianship and wry vocals. Hailing from Leeds in the 1990s, they are back in action with a new record on the way after a few years off.

Retired Muscle
Luke and Heather re-form to play some old Hired Muscle numbers and some brand new unheard material. ‘Harsh, clanging guitars play cheeky riffs with weird grooves and messy melodies. Short, shouty, sweet, succinct songs.’

Solo project from Joel Murray of numerous brilliant Liverpool bands such as Barberos, Stig Noise and a.P.A.t.T. Manic beats played over triggered drums, contact mics, loops and vocals.

Remi Martini Quartet
Members of Action Beat and team up with Simon ‘the Crease’ Ashby. Heavy synth noise conceptual pop. Tales of backstabbing, loss, corruption, femme fatales and crooks.

Black Spring
Immersive atmospheres from Simon Wright, Jonny Hill and Ryan Mawbey. In the last few years they have released a number of tapes including split releases with Miles Cooper and ‘the Engineer’.

Exploding Ear Ensemble
MK punk noise veterans. Members of the Peel endorsed Claire and Kollapso, plus the unmistakeable Ben Suttey. ‘Post noise mutated malevolent punk jazz with a pinch of disco disaster.’

Long awaited first ever show from these local kings. ‘Three handsome boys from Milton Keynes perform future regret-pop classics.

Secret Self
Participants from MK Gallery young people’s project The Secret Self(ie) showcase the results of three days working alongside Luke Webb (Action Beat / Hired Muscle).

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