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From SWS21: Winner’s Circle

At the start of Sound Walk September 2022, we talk with last year’s winners, discuss their work, and what they’ve been up to in the last year.

Sit back, and enjoy the conversation with, and between last year’s winners, Sarah Tiedemann, Darrell Grant, Viv Corringham, Kit Haigh, Amanda Drago, and Cliff Andrade.

What was their inspiration? How did they choose their platforms? What challenges did they encounter? How was their eventual work different from what they envisioned? What have they been up to, since?

We meet last year’s winners in this first café of Sound Walk September 2022:

Sarah is the Artistic Director of Third Angle, which last year commissioned Darrell‘s Come Sunday, a beautifully orchestrated and thought-out portrait of the rich cultural heritage of Portland, Oregon.

Viv constructed Where am I?, in which she captured the disjointed experience of physically being in space as our thoughts drift and take us elsewhere.

Amanda and Kit, both of Green Croft Arts, created Collision & Conflict, a deftly considered soundwalk that steps us around a section of Hadrian’s wall in Northumberland, Cumbria, through the eyes, ears and hearts of 14 commissioned artists.

Cliff put together Bristoler Chronik, which explores issues of identity, biography, and class, by wandering through the neighborhood of his former home and connecting it to his current home, reflecting on his experiences as a student at university.

We’ll have Sarah, Viv, and Cliff talk about their winning works, and follow that up with an open discussion with you, the guests of this café.

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