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Community Room, Brudenell Social Club
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Gazelle Twin: Kingdom Come + Ambrose Field & Sammy Chien

Following on from Gazelle Twin’s widely acclaimed Unflesh LP and world tour, her latest project – audiovisual live show, Kingdom Come is inspired by J.G Ballard’s final novel, and explores tribalism, social conditioning and fascism in the contemporary suburban and consumer landscape.

Originally commissioned by Future Everything Festival in 2016 (UK), the performance features two vocalists on treadmills, silhouetted against an episodic series of mesmerising and violent short films created by British filmmakers Chris Turner and Tash Tung. With rising acts of terrorism and the political far right across Europe, it makes an uncanny social commentary for the present day, and is a chilling reminder of Ballard’s prophetic writing.

Adventurous electroacoustic music from Ambrose Field. Featuring Vancouver-based Taiwanese born video artist Sammy Chien. pour le week-end challenges what electroacoustic music is supposed to be. Journey to industrial wastelands, noisy factories and sprawling populous urban environments accompanied by thrusting gritty guitars, driving rhythms and high, floating vocal lines. The rule-book is thrown out of the window and nothing is re-contextualised, or re-sampled. Sonic elements that really shouldn’t belong together are united in a hard-hitting musical unit. Bring protection.

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