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groove& + DUO BUD

The explosive beats of groove& and DUO BUD collide in a remarkable double-bill show that will pulsate with rhythmic energy and showcase the seamless fusion of ancient traditions and modern innovation as they unravel intricate rhythmic patterns, employ nuanced techniques, and unleash an array of enchanting sounds that bring Korean percussion to life.

groove& is a dynamic all-female percussion ensemble that specializes in reinterpreting, composing, and performing songs rooted in traditional Korean music. Their captivating performances showcase a diverse range of percussion instruments, including the yanggeum ulla and janggu. The harmony among the members allows them to create hypnotic and infectious music that resonates with audiences.

Recognized for their exceptional talent and artistry, groove& have received prestigious invitations to perform at renowned events such as the World Music Expo 2022, Mundial Montreal 2021, Seoul Music Week 2021-2022, and Journey to Korean Music 2021. Their groundbreaking contributions to Korean music were recently acknowledged with the Grand Prize from the esteemed 21st Century Korean Music Project.

Experience the captivating rhythms and mesmerising melodies crafted by groove& as they push the boundaries of traditional Korean music, breathing new life into age-old traditions. Get ready to be enthralled by their innovative interpretations and the undeniable passion they bring to every stage they grace.

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Note: due to Covid-19 this event may not be taking place in the format or venue advertised. Please confirm with the event organiser directly.