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£19.50 - £25.00
All ages
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Hannah Peel & Beibei Wang: Spirit of Edens

Award-winning composer and synth artist Hannah Peel collaborates with virtuosic percussionist Beibei Wang in a unique exploration of human and electronic rhythm.

Fascinated by the interplay of human and electronic rhythm, in a one-off improvising concert exploring the ability of sound to create place, virtuosic percussionist Beibei Wang and award-winning composer Hannah Peel will be combining their unique collection of synths, Chinese drums, gongs and water percussion to bring many worlds, seasons and cities onto the stage.

Hannah Peel and virtuoso percussionist Beibei Wang first collaborated on a recording of Hannah’s piece for the Manchester Collective Neon, a piece that conjured the Shinjuku suburb of Toyko through sound. Beibei was surprised that Hannah had so perfectly invoked a sense of place connected to somewhere she had never visited.

Hannah Peel:
‘It’s fascinating what can be created when we imagine distant voyages through sound.
I’m very excited to be freely exploring the power of the imagination to build landscapes, skylines and even cities infused with rhythmic soundscapes with Beibei in this one-off evening of synthesis v. percussion.
At a time where eco-concerns and the ease of travel has changed so dramatically, maybe we can find an alternative moment of escapism for us all on the night!’

Beibei Wang:
‘Hannah really has an incredible way of creating a sense of a real and solid space with her music. Ancient Chinese music is based on organic scales and conceptualises music and instruments in relation to the natural and metaphysical world. I am looking forward to combining these elements through my percussion to add a depth of time to these worlds of the imagination.’

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