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20 Carlisle lane
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All ages
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IKLECTIK Gildas Quartet

The London based Gildas Quartet are the fourth guests of a series of streamed concerts taking place at IKLECTIK in London and at UCA in Farnham, after Marcus Kaiser (May 2019), Stefan Thut (April 2019), Jessica Aslan and Emma Lloyd (March 2019).

Over Head Projection (live composition) ((2019) – Harry Whalley
Black Angels (1971)– George Crumb
Quartet 2, ‘Intimate Letters’ (1928) – Leoš Janácek
A few birds and dreaming (2019) – Emmanuelle Waeckerle

The line between composition and improvisation is explored in Harry Whalley’s exciting use a pen, paper and an overhead projector. In Over Head Projection, the composer, performers and audience start with a blank page; and follow together as a compositional form and improvisational spaces are merged. “Thirteen Images from the Dark Land”, the subtitle of George Crumb’s seminal work Black Angels for amplified or electronic string quartet, gives a clue to the numerology and complex score world that Crumb has created. In this concert the audience shall be made privy to those esoteric scores through projections. The intimate letters between Leoš Janáček and Kamila Stösslová form the basis of his powerful second quartet. “You stand behind every note, you, living, forceful, loving. The fragrance of your body, the glow of your kisses – no, really of mine. Those notes of mine kiss all of you. They call for you passionately…“. A few birds and dreaming by Emmanuelle Waeckerle invites the performers and audience to ‘breathe’, to sound(ing) images and moving stills.

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