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Swiss composer and musician Marie-Cécile Reber is the fifth guest composer of a series of streamed concerts taking place at IKLECTIK in London and at UCA in Farnham, after Gildas Quartet (UK, Oct 2019), Marcus Kaiser (DE, May 2019), Stefan Thut (CH, April 2019), Jessica Aslan and Emma Lloyd (UK, March 2019).

With James E Armstrong, (ukulele), Gabrielle Hb (voice), Petri Huurinainen (acoustic guitar), Marie Cécile Reber (electronics), Artur Vidal (saxophone) Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice, objects), Harry Whalley (Synths/Percussion), Yifeat Ziv (voice)

Four recent pieces will be performed by musicians drawn from the London experimental music scene as well as students and members of the Audio Research Cluster at UCA Farnham. The Farnham concert will be streamed live.

Solo: a little story (2016-2020) Little acoustic stories developed through my listening to the world and collecting noises.

Breath (2019) The soft sound of breathing unfolds, spreads, travels and mixes with the wind.

Floating moment (2019) A moment in time is narrated through a precise written descripton of sonic and visual events, thus becoming a score that can be reproduced in musical form.

Approchoaches and Departure – Appearance and Disappearances (Pauline Oliveros 1994) the score provides each performer with a strategy for approaching or departing from a pitch of his or her own chosing.

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