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IKLECTIK, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG
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£8/£6 (on the door)
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IKLECTIK presents: Azoman by Unrealtime group

Thursday 8 March Doors 7.30pm – Music 8pm | £8/£6 (on the door)

Pavlos Antoniadis (piano, motion followers), Panos Ghikas (violin/viola/bass/unreal-time interface), Nick Roth (non-virtual, infra-augmented saxophonic objects) and Luis Tabuenca (percussion) will give the first performance of a long form work that expands upon a network of technologically mediated performance concepts initiated by a project of parallel collaborations called Open Cycles.Combining the initial parallel co-investigation into a concept for group improvisation/composition, Unrealtime group will create a longform work (Azoman) based on Panos Ghikas’ Unreal-time improv concept and Pavlos Antoniadis’ concept of Embodied Navigation of Complex Notation. The former approaches improvisation and composition as interchangeable and complementary strands of music-making through audio timeline navigation; the latter explores a similar fluidity between the realms of gesture, notation and sound in piano performance. Drawing from the performance design for a piece by Antoniadis and Ghikas (Toxic Gum, Berlin, May 2017) and the fixed/unfixed works generated by the Ghikas-Roth and Ghikas-Tabuenca duos, Unrealtime Group will integrate all four performers within a nexus of interfaces that will enable complex group interaction.

Unrealtime group has received the kind support of the School of Music and Performing Arts and the Centre for Practice Based Research in the Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

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