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International Anthony Burgess Foundation,Chorlton Mill 3 Cambridge St , Manchester, United Kingdom
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Jérôme Noetinger / Lucy Duncombe & Feronia Wennborg

Eroteme’s bank holiday contribution features the improvised concrete interjections of Revox B77 maestro Jérôme Noetinger & the thizzing vocal processing and aerosolised electronics of acclaimed newcomer Lucy Duncombe in collaboration with Soft Tissue’s Feronia Wennborg.


Jérôme Noetinger (1966) is a composer, improviser and sound artist who works with electroacoustic devices such as the Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape recorder and magnetic tape, analogue synthesisers, mixing desks, speakers, microphones, various electronic household/everyday objects and home-made electronica.
He performs both solo and in ensembles (Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine, Le Un, Hrundi Bakshi, Les Sirènes, Proton…), and collaborates often (Sophie Agnel, Lionel Marchetti, Aude Romary, Angelica Castello, Antoine Chessex, Anthony Pateras, Anne-Laure Pigache…).
From 1987 to 2018, he was the director of Metamkine, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the distribution of improvised and electroacoustic music.
Between 1987 and 2014 Jérôme was a member of the editorial committee of the quarterly journal of contemporary sound, poetry and performance, Revue & Corrigée.
For ten years from 1989, he was a member and programming co-ordinator of exhibitions, gigs, and experimental cinema at le 102 rue d’Alembert, Grenoble.
Lucy Duncombe & Feronia Wennborg are artists and composers working together on an ever-morphing project which explores voice-based technologies as a starting point for performance and music. They work collaboratively through methods of writing, vocal processing, cloning, transcription, and composition to create intimate, tactile sonic experiences set within fictional frameworks.


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