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London Symphony Orchestra

Jerwood Composer+ Showcase: Des Oliver

Des Oliver explores the influences and provocateurs that have shaped his music, from the radical artistry of Julius Eastman to the teaching and mentorship of composers Steve Martland and Dominique Le Gendre. 

Julius Eastman, a pioneer of the Fluxus movement, seamlessly fused uptown and downtown contemporary music to create sonic landscapes reminiscent of free-form jazz. Eastman’s unapologetic and radical approach to the concert hall, coupled with his vibrant persona, exuded a sense of urgency that was reflected in his compositions. While many of Eastman’s scores have been lost over time, Des Oliver’s transcription of some of Eastman’s rarest works will allow you to experience the music of an influential artist. 

Plus hear Des Oliver’s original compositions, including the world premiere of his latest piece, a playful and rhythmic composition for piano, bass clarinet, marimba and accordion. My Secret Garden and “Iconoclast” meanwhile are filled with the energy and seeds that have defined Oliver’s career. 

Lastly, Oliver transports us to the Caribbean Islands of Martinique and Trinidad and Tobago his mentor, Dominique Le Gendre’s piece that spans centuries of culture through music, art, and dance. 

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