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MK Gallery, 900 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 3QA, T+44(0)1908 676 900
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MK Gallery

Kit Records and friends

London label Kit Records began in 2013 as a fortnightly broadcast of exotic miscellany on London’s NTS Radio, hosted by Richard Greenan. The show soon grew to encompass record releases, live events and a pop-up record store, drawing together an inspirational network of artists, musicians and writers. On June 8, Kit will offer up an audio-visual smorgasbord in MK Gallery’s new Sky Room auditorium, with performances from label stalwarts and friends alike.

Devon Loch
Devon Loch is the alias of Kit Records founder Richard Greenan. Blending field recordings with synthesisers and traditional instrumentation, his music hovers between minimal composition and surreal radio broadcast.

Galina Juritz
Galina Juritz is a composer and violinist. Her credits include film soundtracks, theatre pieces, and recently music for the opera “Madness: Songs of Hope and Despair”. Galina is currently studying an MA in composition at Goldsmiths.

Roméo Poirier
Brussels-based musician, photographer and lifeguard Roméo Poirier makes sleek, subaqueous electro-acoustic music. His new album, “Kystwerk”, sees Roméo ruminating on the glory, threat and joy of the North Sea, alongside Norwegian poet Lars Haga Raavand.

Chloe Frieda
Chloe Frieda runs Alien Jams, a much-loved record label and radio show on London’s NTS. Shining a light on early electronic music through to the cutting edge, Chloe’s work conjures a landscape futuristic, otherworldly, often frightening and sometimes downright groovy.

samb_rules is Sam Bristow: DJ, illustrator and ex-chief of the videogamemusic imprint.

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