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Iklectik art lab
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Tickets: £13 adv / £15 otd
All ages
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Laetitia Sadier, Marie Merlet, Blanca Regina and Pierre Bouvier Patron

Unpredictable series presents IN DREAMS, an event with audiovisual performances and a screening that includes themes including multi-sensory journeys, rituals, abstract forms, history and archives, liminal spaces, collaboration and improvisation.

Laetitia Sadier and Marie Merlet – aka Iko Cherie – Blanca Regina and Pierre Bouvier Patron will be joining forces again for a new performance diving once more into their respective works, expanding their sonic and visual universe and creating new sounds conducted by deep listening. After the presentation of their first performance at Café OTO in May 2023 – where the magic happened – we can see them again in this beautiful space in South London, More information at


The Consensual Hallucination: An Improvised Analog Audiovisual Experiment from The Light Surgeons This will be a freeform, abstract, multi-sensory journey through The Light Surgeons archive of 16mm film loops that sets out to embrace happy accidents and happenstance. As part of the studio’s 25th-anniversary celebrations, audiovisual artists Tim Cowie and Christopher Thomas Allen will be joined by some special guests to forge a collective hallucinatory audiovisual assemblage through the manipulation of tactile, hands-on physical media. Expect the unexpected. This will be an experimental, live and fully improvised audiovisual performance combining analogue film, video feedback, shadow play, audio tape looping and a generous helping of the psychedelic. May involve strobe lighting.


Callanish Audio Visual Research project is an explorative AV document of the largest stone circle complex in the Northern Hemisphere. The film endeavours to capture the other-worldliness of the Isle of Lewis and the mysterious presence of the ancient monoliths that emanate from its terrain. Through seven phases, the viewer is led toward a place of ritual where (step-by-step) they will progress through the rites of passage; separation, transition, and incorporation. The project is part documentary, part music video, a vision of a landscape and time forgotten.

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