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Bloc (Autumn Yard, Autumn Street Unit 3, E3 2TT)
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LCMF 2018: The Death Of Rave

Gábor Lázár (new live show)
Howard Thomas (DJ, European debut)
Teresa Winter (live)
Black Mecha (live, European debut)
Beatrice Dillon (DJ)
Croww (new live show)
Conor Thomas (DJ)

The Death of Rave’s Friday night LCMF programme skews a line from ambient-pop to EBM via black metal, Detroit techno and computer music. Special guest, Spanish DJ and industrial/pop producer JASSS comes to London following critical acclaim of her Weightless album and raved-about sets in Europe & Africa. Black Mecha, alias of Saskatchewan’s Fortress Crookedjaw (Wold), will present the EU premiere of his BM techno ‘Black Mechanical’ DJ set, and Motor City techno producer Howard Thomas, aka H-Fusion (Sound Signature, Transmat), will DJ in advance of his debut LP, due for The Death of Rave in 2019.

Qualmbient-pop artist Teresa Winter performs material from her cultishly adored albums, Untitled Death and What The Night Is For. Computer musician Gabor Lázár presents the London premiere of his scything A/V set after acclaimed EU tour dates in support of his Unfold LP, and Mancunia’s Croww clashes vantablack and neon rave musicks in a visceral new live show. DJs Beatrice Dillon and TDoR founder Conor Thomas join the dots of a rare celebration of diversity and mutuality at the periphery of the contemporary dance and electronic music paradigms.

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