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7 Club Row, Shoreditch, London E1 6JX
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Le Son 7 – Sound Art Gallery, London exhibition

Le Son 7 (“le son sept”) is a sound art gallery, based in France but itinerant, with two exhibitions a year in different cities around the world. There is nothing to see: no installations nor performances, just sound.

The gallery re-frames contemporary sound art by focusing only on its essence – sound itself. This exhibition presents works by 11 artists, including a compelling work by the pioneer of sound ecology Bernie Krause and two gems showing the range of Beatriz Ferreyra, who in her 80s is receiving recognition for her foundational role in the development of music concrète.

François K and Matthew Herbert, both key innovators in electronic music, are again breaking new ground with works created with new technology and AI, while Alan Courtis continues to push sound boundaries with a composition that dreams up new, impossible places. Performance artist Paula Garcia presents a collage of the visceral sounds from a literal head-on car crash in which she was one of the drivers, Elsa M’Bala presents a new piece of sound poetry among other works by Fari Bradley, Jorge Haro, Mark Urselli and Nyokabi Kariũki.

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