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Kytthera, Greece
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Lethe – Music Theatre in Greece

Dionysian or Apollonian? Rational, prudent and pure or prone to the appeals of your emotions and instincts? Explore this and other aspects of yourself in Lethe, a music theatre production based on the mythical Greek underworld of the five rivers. Directed by Lore Lixenberg, singers, non-singers, instrumentalists and others who simply love being part of creative and exciting theatre can take part in this, the ultimate comedy of death. And where better than in an open amphitheatre next to the deep blue of the Aegean, based on the beautiful island of Kythira, birthplace of Aphrodite and haven for Paris and Helen on their escape to Troy. Also unique opportunity to play ping pong with the myths, wine and dine in the Greek manner, and release your Dionysian side!

Arrival is on Sunday 2 June, departure 9 June. The course mirrors Greek island life, with rehearsals in the morning and evening, leaving the afternoon free for eating, swimming, siestas etc. Rehearsals commence on Monday morning in the Zeidoros amphitheatre, which is located on the seafront, literally a stone’s throw from the water’s edge. The course ends with a public performance on the evening Saturday 8th June in the amphitheatre. The course is conducted in English.

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