Let’s Do This: The Accessibility Journey Continues

Let’s Do This: The Accessibility Journey Continues is an exciting online event that brings together key players in the music tech industry.

About this event

Jason Dasent is a Music Producer and Accessibility Consultant who has been studying and working in the UK for the past 2 years. After the incredible progress that was made in music tech accessibility as a direct result of Jason’s MA Thesis event “Normalising the Conversation” in January last year, he is even more committed to be a driving force in advancing this important cause.

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“Let’s Do This: The Accessibility Journey Continues” is the natural successor to last year’s event, where key players from music equipment manufacturing, education and retail will be brought together again, under one umbrella to deepen discussions that would bring about creative, viable solutions for these businesses in the field of accessibility in music tech. The companies that will be represented include:

Ableton, Antares, Arturia, Avid, BIMM Institute London, Creative United, Focusrite/Novation, Kingston University, Native Instruments, Output, Pace|JUCE, Roland & Rose Bruford College.

The event is on Friday February 18th at 3 PM GMT. It’s 3 hours in length and will consist of the following:

  • Two discussion panels with key players from all sectors of the music industry.
  • Two demos of new products that have been made accessible over the last year.
  • A workshop showing a music production from recording to mastering using mainstream hardware and software in Jason’s fully accessible studio.

*And of course Q and A.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • The milestones that have been made over the past year in the field of accessible music tech.
  • Advice for companies who are at the beginning of their journey into accessibility.
  • How the accessibility features recently introduced in JUCE 6.1 open up the possibilities for software manufacturers to make their software accessible.
  • The importance of creating documentation and video content that can be understood by visually impaired producers and engineers.
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