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Medial Dark Ages / Tears|OV / Lucia H Chung

Medial Dark Ages (Laura Netz)

Medial Dark Ages experimental electronics performance intends to fit music technology in the context of radical critical thinking and media archaeology theory.


Tears|OV presents ‘Pluto’s return’.

Pluto’s return is considered astrologically to portend upheaval, transformation and death or rebirth.

The video is a combination of documentary footage of our experience self-isolating with the symptoms of Covid-19, combined with an improv track created remotely across two locations in London and Brighton. The inspiration for the work came from an accidental mass of fused and neglected DIY material that Lori had left sitting in the garden shed for three years. It formed on its own through neglect, mistreatment, waste. It looked planetary, and like infected lungs and crude respiratory equipment and subcutaneous drip bags: a B-movie sci-fi villain, just when our collective lives seemed to be turning in these same bromide tides: the invisible enemy, the leveller, the great reckoning…

Lucia H Chung

For her live performance, Lucia will be continuing her exploration in noise generated via feedback on digital and/or analog equipment, and her role as a ‘mediator-performer’ in the multifaceted relationship between the sonic events incurring within the self-regulated system.

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