Hundred Years Gallery 13 Pearson St. London E2 8JD
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Mercury Over Maps

Mercury Over Maps is an extended residency at Hundred Years Gallery in which I’ll be collaborating with different artists and exploring various ideas in my work.

Featuring performances, installations and talks by myself and others, the residency will take place over the next year or so with events occurring every 6 to 8 weeks.

Mercury Over Maps 2, Feb 17th at 7:30pm will feature a solo by Blanca Regina (live electronics and found objects) and a trio with Tom Mudd (computer), Jan Hendrickse (flute and electronics) and Bill Thompson (Moog guitar and objects).

Other guests to be announced.

More information about their work below.

Mercury Over Maps 2
Hundred Years Gallery
13 Pearson St. London E2 8JD
Saturday, Feb 17th
Doors 730pm/Music 8pm
£5 donation

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