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Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, University of York, YO10 5DD
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£13; concs £11; students £9 (tickets for individual events also available)
All ages
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Morton Feldman Day

The music of Morton Feldman changes the way we listen. His compositions draw us into the details of musical sound; into its textures, timbres and resonances, into the subtle interactions of tones on different instruments, but also into its patterning in time: its ability to create and evoke memories. This day offers an opportunity to explore this beautiful music, culminating in a performance at 19.30 of Feldman’s extended trio composition, Crippled Symmetry. The 13.00 lunchtime concert offers Music for Two Pianists played by Philip Thomas & Catherine Laws. At 16.00 there is a rare chance to see some of the films about the 1950s New York school of artists, including Pollock and De Kooning, that were scored by Feldman. A further short film, Feldman Sings by Zahra Partovi and Chris Villars, shows Feldman breaking into song when talking about this music. Finally, Partovi’s Softly – A Giant Step takes us on a mesmerising journey around places of significance to Feldman, incorporating interviews and footage of musicians performing excerpts of his music. The films will be introduced by Feldman expert Chris Villars.

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