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Folkestone Quarterhouse
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Mozart vs Machine

Mozart vs Machine Dominic Robertson’s (the artist formerly known as Ergo Phizmiz) high-octane mash-up of Mozart opera, American sound pioneer Raymond Scott, electronic sound and video projection, that brings some of history’s most iconic artists together in a theatrical sci-fi-gameshow encounter.

Alone in his Manhattan research laboratory, Raymond Scott, the father of electronic music, is developing a machine to generate random musical patterns. When one of his devices accidentally tears a hole in the universe it distorts time and brings him face to face with classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

What follows is a fantastical journey through ideas of art and ownership, time and music shaken up through unexpected directions and random chance, culminating in a surreal, vaudevillian show trial. All with a little help from film-pioneer Georges Méliès, Lewis Carroll’s logic games, and composers John Cage and J S Bach.

Think you know Mozart? Think again…

Dominic Robertson (formerly Ergo Phizmiz) – music/words
Frederic Wake-Walker – director
Cast including: Rebecca Bottone, Bryan Benner and Charles Rice

Presented as part of Profound Sound festival

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