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Music in the Dark

Acoustic guitar duo JP & Sheetal bring you their unique and haunting sounds: a fusion of Arabic, Spanish and Gypsy music. The sequences in the dark will wow your senses. An ultimate sound experience!

Much more than a performance, Music in the Dark is about feeling sound in its purity. Evocative and intimate but also fiery and passionate, JP & Sheetal’s music sets you off on a refreshing journey.

According to Jean Pierre, “It’s about enabling people to experience the sound in all its beauty without any distractions. We play a mix of evocative and upbeat tunes, some with the light focused on the guitar and others in the dark. We alternate as a solo or a duo, building up to a climax as the performance progresses.”


Three tunes are played in complete darkness. All songs are original.

‘Beautiful, haunting and powerful music’ – We love Brighton – 2014

‘A wonderful infusion that sent me on a journey’ – Music Muso – 2015

‘A duo who perform so well with each other that they could make Music in the Dark a regular item’ – Music Muso – 2015

Music in the Dark was sold out in 2014 at Brighton Fringe Festival and in London at Etcetera Theatre during their first tour.Music in the Dark was sold out in 2015 in London at Blackhorse Lane Studios for 2 days in a row.

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