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Exeter Library, Exeter, Devon
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Music Machine 4 for multiplayer

You can now book your place for 1 of 3 sessions to perform Music Machine 4 for multiplayer as part of Fun Palaces at Exeter Library on Sunday 6th October.

Music Machine 4 is a playful, playable, multiplayer audio installation. Connect your device to the network, press the coloured buttons on your screen and listen to the music you create.

This event is one of a series of 3 evaluation sessions, we are trialling the piece and intend to make a larger work next year. So, if you want to be part of the process and help us to develop this please sign up! Each session will last for 20 minutes, there will be a brief explanation followed by a performance and then a chance to provide some feedback.

Music Machine 4 was originally a small, simple computer program that ran according to certain rules until it was stopped by the listener. For this interactive version a few changes have been made. It is designed for multiple players so each player will connect to the network and load the website. Once the piece has started coloured buttons will appear on individual player’s screens (each screen will show different buttons at different times), the players press the buttons and one of the cells of music will play on their device. The cell and the volume of that cell will vary. Players may choose to play only certain coloured buttons or size buttons. The rate that buttons appear on the screen will increase during the first 3 minutes, at first there may be more silence than sound but, as the piece continues, the silences will become shorter and the cells will overlap and cross more often.

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