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Ugly Duck 47/49 Tanner Street London SE1 3PL (London Bridge).
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Narrating structures: Videomapping Workshop

The 2-day workshop is presented in sections with hands-on practice.
1st Session >> Saturday
– Introduction to the mentor and presentation of their work in this field.
– Study of multiple video mapping projects. Hands-on.
(half an hour break)
– Learning multiple techniques and applying them using different spaces and structures.
– Introduction to MadMapper 4
– Hands-on!
2nd Session >> Sunday
– Projection mapping on different surfaces.
– Creating content and live techniques.
– Introduction to Mini Mad and DMX light control with MadMapper
(half an hour break)
– Creation and presentation of a specific group project.
At the end of this workshop you will be able to:
– Create various projections simultaneously
– Shape light into objects and spaces
– Project management and networking with local and international communities.
This workshop is for artists, graphic designers, architects and anybody interested.

Tech requirements:
Bring your computer with mini display port adaptors if you use Mac. This workshop is oriented to Mac and PC users.
A Mac laptop with Osx 10.7 is recommended. 10.6 is not supported.
You can bring also If you have, midi controller, projector, model/shape you want to map on, DMX controller (Artnet, Enttec or Minimad)
If you need to rent any equipment ( computer ) for the workshop please do get in touch.
This workshop includes a 1-month full access temporal licence of MadMapper and entitles the participants to educational discount in MadMapper software purchase.
Blanca Regina

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