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Arena Foyer, Birmingham Conservatoire B3 3HG
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michael wolters


and what if people start shouting at me in the street only because I’m not British, and what if I spent days painting the garden fence and on the day that I finish a storm destroys the whole fence, and what if the prime minister goes on a complete power trip and declares war on every country, and what if we let the general public make all political decisions, although we know from history that that’s the worst possible way, and what if no supermarket stocks Gouda cheese anymore because the Dutch no longer trade with the UK, and what if I’m visiting a country and when I’m there they elect a dictator who immediately stops people from leaving and I’m trapped, and what if homosexuality is declared a crime again, and what if they invent a drug that can extend your life by another 50 years and if I refuse it I’ll have the feeling that I’m missing out, but if I take it I’ll have to live another 50 years, and what if all politicians keep lying to us and calling their lies alternative facts just to confuse us, and what if…

Text by Lucy Harvey
Translation by Michael Wolters
Performance concept and sound by Paul Norman and Michael Wolters
Performed by Paul Norman and Michael Wolters

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