No Music on a Dead Planet! What can we do to build a Sustainable Music Industry?

No Music on a Dead Planet:
What can we do to build a Sustainable Music Industry?

A free panel hosted by AIM with Music Declares Emergency

We all care about the environment but how do we begin to reduce damage in an industry where global travel and shipping feel so integral and brings joy to so many people? There are always greener choices to make at every stage of manufacturing and shipping but what are the implications for suppliers and customer satisfaction? And is there such a thing as sustainable touring? Members of the AIM Climate Action Group, Music Declares Emergency and Julie’s Bicycle come together to discuss the changes – both big and incremental – that artists and those working with them can make right now as well as build into future releases and tours. This comes as AIM publishes its free Sustainability Check List for Independent Music Businesses.

Panel includes:

Chiara Badiali (Julie’s Bicycle)
Jude Mcardle (AIM)
Nigel Adams (Full Time Hobby)
Emily Moxon (Brownswood Recordings)
Peter Quicke (Ninja Tune)

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