NSDOS & Dmitry Paranyushkin in conversation with Block Universe’s Louis O’Kelly

Electronic musician and dancer NSDOS and choreographer and network researcher Dmitry Paranyushkin discuss their ongoing collaboration EightOS, an open source body mind operating system, with Block Universe director Louise O’Kelly.

EightOS studies how we can use physical movement to better understand the dynamics of interaction, and how this can be applied to everyday life and work. Their work combines complex systems and network science, with technology, music, dance, martial arts and artistic practices.

You can download their 100 page manual on the basic principles and procedures of 8OS here.

Dmitry Paranyushkin is a co-founder of ∞OS. In his practice he combines choreography, physics, and network science, exploring how we can reinvent and explore ourselves through movement.

Paris-based NSDOS – aka Kirikoo Des – is a hybrid artist who works simultaneously on music, dance, digital art, and builds his own instruments. After studying dance, Des felt the need to create his own sound in order to explore movement.

Louise O’Kelly is an independent curator and arts professional based in London. In 2015 she founded Block Universe, London’s first performance art festival that takes place across major institutions and unique off-site spaces throughout the city annually.

Mutant Promise is a programming, producing and artist booking platform supporting the work of musicians who combine a DIY and workshop practice with their performance, composition and release work.

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