Ocean: a new online & collaborative sequencer

Hear from Robin Hunter who has recently launched a collaborative, online sequencer running in the browser: Ocean.

This is MusicHackspace’s 8th live-stream (click here to join).

Online collaboration for music makers has fuelled many dreams over the past 20 years, but many of them have turned into nightmares. From Rocket Networks (acquired by AVID in 2003) to LL Cool J’s Boomdizzle or Ohm Force‘s ambitious Ohm Studio, many have tried to make it easy to collaborate online. Bandlab and Soundtrap seem to be doing quite well however and betting on growing large audiences, in particular by targeting education.

Ocean is following on those footsteps with a very simple interface exempt of the jargon and complexity that we see in audio workstations. It’s designed to get people started immediately, and features a fun collaboration approach that makes it a good experience. There are much more features that will be needed before anyone can make a song with Ocean, but it’s a great first step. For those of you in education, or in lockdown with kids, have a try, it’s free.

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