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Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester
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Francesca Le Lohe

On an Endless Road: Itō Noe and the Women Composers of her Era (Manchester)

“On an Endless Road: Itō Noe and the Women Composers of her Era” 
A unique opportunity to see renowned singer and biwa player Akiko Kubota perform in the UK on International Women’s Day, in a programme of music by and about trailblazing Japanese women.
At the heart of this dramatic concert programme is a new song cycle, written especially for Akiko Kubota (biwa performer) by British composer Francesca Le Lohé. A Japanese stringed instrument, the biwa is traditionally used to accompany narrative songs chronicling the achievements of warriors in battle. Francesca’s new work celebrates the brief life of writer and feminist anarchist Itō Noe (1895-1923), killed by Japanese state forces when she was just 28. It is sung in Japanese with English surtitles.
Produced by Hera in association with Illuminate Women’s Music.
Supported by Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and the Japan Foundation.
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Note: due to Covid-19 this event may not be taking place in the format or venue advertised. Please confirm with the event organiser directly.