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ONE: A New Site-Responsive Performance Appearing in Bars, Concert Halls and Arts Spaces Around the UK

ONE is a single entity. ONE is many connected entities.
ONE is a new performance that evolves organically to inhabit bars, museums,
concert halls and arts spaces around the UK. ONE can be noisy, immersive, serious,
rough, refined, gentle, playful.
ONE feeds on freshly commissioned music from Claudia Molitor, Jacob Thompson-
Bell and a team of composers across the UK. ONE shifts and changes with every
incarnation, reacting to the people and places it finds.
ONE blends improvisation and pre-composed music to squeeze sounds from pianos,
electric keyboards and organs at each venue, brought to life by pianist Ben Gaunt
and artist Debbie Sharp.
ONE will appear for a limited time in Leeds, Manchester, London and Brighton in
September 2017. Experience different versions at every venue.
ONE is created by composer and producer Jacob Thompson-Bell, supported using
public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and is part of
the composer-curator programme from sound and music, the national charity for new

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